Paul Langley - Franchisee Of More Than Loft Ladders

Paul Langley Testimonial: More Than Loft Ladders - A Franchise Success Story

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Paul Langley Testimonial: More Than Loft Ladders – A Franchise Success Story

My name is Paul Langley, and my journey with More Than Loft Ladders has been nothing short of exceptional. I joined the franchise in late 2013, and what began as a venture has evolved into a thriving, multi-vehicle managed business. More importantly, it has afforded me the luxury of semi-retirement and a peaceful life in Spain, thanks to the outstanding efforts of Mark Pennington, who now efficiently manages the day-to-day operations of the business in the UK.

When I first started my franchise, my goal was to build a business that not only met the needs of homeowners but also provided a sustainable and fulfilling future for myself and those involved. The More Than Loft Ladders concept of creating functional and accessible loft spaces struck a chord with me, and I was eager to bring this service to households across the Manchester, Warrington, Wigan and Liverpool areas.

Over the years, the business flourished and grew into a multi-vehicle operation, a testament to the effectiveness of the More Than Loft Ladders model and the dedication of our hardworking team. As the business expanded, I found myself in a fortunate position to take a step back and enjoy a semi-retirement lifestyle in sunny Spain.

This transition became seamless thanks to the capable hands of Mark Pennington, who took the reins of the UK operations. Mark’s commitment and proficiency have been exemplary. He not only manages the day-to-day affairs but also ensures the high standards of service that More Than Loft Ladders is known for are upheld.

In my semi-retirement, my primary focus is on overseeing the marketing strategies and ensuring a continuous influx of leads for the team. It’s a testament to the strength of the franchise model that I can contribute to the business’s growth and success from afar while enjoying the fruits of my labour in Spain.

Without More Than Loft Ladders, the dream of living in Spain with my wife Anne and our beloved cats Pink and Floyd might still be just that – a dream. The success of the franchise has not only provided financial stability but has also given us the freedom to embrace a lifestyle we once only envisioned.

More Than Loft Ladders has not only given me a profitable business but also the freedom to live life on my terms. The support from the franchise network and the capable leadership of

Mark have made this journey incredibly rewarding. I can confidently say that the decision to join More Than Loft Ladders was one of the best I’ve made, and I’m grateful for the opportunities it continues to provide.

To anyone considering a More Than Loft Ladders franchise, I would say it’s not just a business; it’s a pathway to a lifestyle you desire. With the right team and leadership, the potential for growth and success is limitless. Here’s to the continued success of More Than Loft Ladders and the hardworking team led by Mark Pennington in the UK!

Paul Langley - Franchisee Of More Than Loft Ladders

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