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Low Cost Franchise Opportunity

Discover Your Next Venture with Our Low Cost Franchise Opportunity in Loft Ladder Installation

Are you seeking a promising business opportunity that comes with low startup costs and substantial earning potential? Our affordable franchise opportunity provides support from the franchisor and a proven business plan to help you succeed. The franchise opportunity is affordable and provides support from the franchisor. It also includes a proven business model to help you achieve success. 

This opportunity is for individuals who are prepared to take on a role that provides both freedom and support. It will give you everything necessary to succeed in the growing home improvement industry.

Why are low cost franchises such a great investment?

The More Than Loft Ladders franchise model is designed to make starting a business more accessible and affordable for aspiring entrepreneurs, as it can be a risky and expensive endeavor. By offering a small upfront investment, we aim to minimise the financial barriers that often prevent individuals from pursuing their business dreams. This makes our franchise an attractive option for those looking to take control of their financial future while also reducing their investment risks.

With our franchise model, entrepreneurs can benefit from a proven business concept and established brand, which can help to increase their chances of success. We design our support and training programs to help franchisees navigate the challenges of starting and running a business, equipping them with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

Overall, our franchise model offers a unique opportunity for individuals to become their own boss and build a successful business without breaking the bank. By offering a combination of affordability, support, and proven success, we aim to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their financial goals and maximise their returns on investment.

The Market Demand for Loft Ladders

As more homeowners look to optimise their living spaces, the demand for loft ladder installations has surged. Loft ladders help homeowners make the most of their loft space without spending a lot on a full loft conversion. This trend provides a fertile ground for a business focused on quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction—cornerstones of our franchise model.

We’re the UK’s leading dedicated Loft Ladder Installation specialists.

Become a Franchise Partner

What you will receive with More Than Loft Ladders

When you join More Than Loft Ladders, a brand with an established reputation and a track record of success will back you. We provide comprehensive training, ongoing support and the tools necessary to ensure your business flourishes. Our team dedicates itself to your growth, from marketing strategies to operational workflows. You’ll gain:

  • Extensive Training: No prior experience in loft ladder installation? No problem! We offer thorough training programs that cover every aspect of the business, from technical skills to customer service and marketing.
  • Marketing and Branding: Leverage our established brand identity and marketing resources to attract and retain customers.
  • Operational Support: Leverage our streamlined processes and vendor relationships to complete every job efficiently and to the highest standards.
  • Exclusive Territory: Operate within your own designated area, reducing internal competition and maximising your market potential.

So, what can you earn?

Our franchise model helps you achieve impressive financial outcomes. With dedication and effective management, your initial investment can translate into significant returns. Here’s what you could expect:

  • Start Small, Grow Big: Starting earnings for new franchisees typically range around £40,000. However, with expansion and the refinement of operations, the potential to earn up to £288,000 profit annually is well within reach.
  • Control Over Your Success: Your earnings are a direct result of your effort and commitment. The more you invest in growing your business, the higher the potential returns.

Your Investment

Investing in our low-cost franchise opportunity is not just financially accessible—it’s a strategic move towards securing your future in a robust industry. We pride ourselves on transparency and will provide detailed cost breakdowns, ensuring you understand where every penny of your investment goes. With us, you invest not only in a business but in a partnership that aims for mutual success.

You will invest a total of £19,995 + VAT. You will not pay any royalties until your revenue reaches at least £20,000. After reaching this milestone, you will pay 9% of your total revenue as royalties.

As you continue to meet certain set targets, the percentage of royalties you must pay will decrease to 6%. This tiered royalty system incentivises and rewards your success as you grow your business.

Become a Franchise Partner

Is This Opportunity Right for You?

Ideal candidates for our franchise are motivated, driven, and possess a strong desire to succeed. You should be comfortable working independently yet appreciate the benefits of being part of a larger network. Excellent customer service skills and a willingness to learn are also crucial in this role. 

We have designed a clear process to see if More Than Loft Ladders is the right fit for you. Check it out here.

Take the Next Step

If you’re ready to explore a low cost franchise opportunity that offers a balance of low risk and high reward, with the potential for substantial financial returns and the support of an experienced franchisor, we invite you to get in touch. Learn more about how this investment can be the cornerstone of your entrepreneurial journey. 

Contact us today to begin your path to becoming a successful business owner. Let’s build a prosperous future together.

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