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Liam Hobbs Takes a Proactive Approach to Mental Health: More Than Loft Ladders as the Franchise with a Conscience.

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Liam Hobbs Takes a Proactive Approach to Mental Health: More Than Loft Ladders as the Franchise with a Conscience.

In a significant move towards prioritising mental health in the workplace, Liam Hobbs, the dedicated head of More Than Loft Ladders, has recently become a certified Mental Health First Aider. This marks a pivotal moment for both Liam and the entire More Than Loft Ladders (MTLL) franchise network, positioning them as an organisation with a strong commitment to the well-being of their team.

Understanding the Importance:

Liam’s decision to become a Mental Health First Aider is rooted in a personal journey that has seen its share of challenges. Having experienced his own mental health struggles and witnessed friends and colleagues navigating similar difficulties, Liam recognises the profound impact that mental health can have on individuals, both personally and professionally.

An Advocate for Mental Well-being:

As the head of the MTLL franchise network, Liam is not only an employer but also a leader who understands the significance of fostering a supportive work environment. In a recent statement, he highlighted the importance of mental health awareness and support within the workplace. “Our journey doesn’t end with providing top-notch loft solutions; we are also committed to being the franchise with a conscience,” Liam affirmed.

Supporting the Franchisee Journey:

Liam’s decision to become a Mental Health First Aider is deeply intertwined with MTLL’s ethos of putting the welfare of franchisees at the forefront. Running a business, especially as a franchisee, can be a rewarding yet challenging endeavour. Recognising the pressures and stresses associated with entrepreneurship, Liam emphasises the need to prioritise mental health throughout the franchisee journey.

Creating a Supportive Culture:

MTLL is not just about business; it’s about building a community that cares. By incorporating mental health awareness and support into the franchise network, Liam aims to create a culture where individuals feel comfortable seeking help and discussing mental health openly. This initiative aligns with MTLL’s commitment to being a responsible and compassionate franchise network.

The Role of a Mental Health First Aider:

A Mental Health First Aider is trained to provide initial support to someone experiencing mental health challenges or in a crisis. By undertaking this role, Liam is taking a hands-on approach to ensuring that the MTLL team, including franchisees, has access to resources and assistance when needed.

Liam’s journey as a Mental Health First Aider reinforces the idea that a healthy work environment goes beyond physical safety; it encompasses mental well-being too. As MTLL continues to thrive as a business, it does so with a heart that cares about the people driving its success.

Liam Hobbs’ commitment to mental health reflects a broader cultural shift within MTLL. By acknowledging and addressing mental health challenges, the franchise is not only creating a more supportive workplace but also living up to its identity as the franchise with a conscience. As other businesses strive to follow suit, MTLL stands as a beacon, reminding us all that success is meaningful when accompanied by compassion and well-being.

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Mental Health

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