Franchisee Spotlight, Our Franchisee Adam Shepherd from Cheshire

Franchisee Spotlight – Adam Shepherd, Chester, Crewe, Cheshire and Staffordshire.

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Franchisee Spotlight – Adam Shepherd, Chester, Crewe, Cheshire and Staffordshire.

Local business owner, Adam Shepherd, started his More Than Loft Ladders operation nearly eight years ago. Coming from a multi-trades background, he was fortunate that the work came naturally to him. In fact, Adam has been working in the home improvement industry since his late teens, starting out installing kitchens and bathrooms then moving into joinery and specialist roof work. Here is a little insight in to Adam’s business, in his own words…..

What got you interested in owning a More Than Loft Ladders franchise?
I’ve always been practically minded even from an early age, so construction was the industry for me. When the opportunity arose for me to join a Franchise that was right up my street, I jumped at it.

What made you realise that turning unused loft space into practical storage areas could be a game-changer for homeowners?
Most families struggle with storage space, some do not have a garage or even space for a shed. Even families with a garage can still struggle for storage space so need to utilise the loft in their house or roof space in the garage.

Have you got any success stories or testimonials from customers who’ve seen the magic of your loft storage solutions?
I’m really proud of my Checkatrade reviews. Here are a few recent ones, more can be seen clicking on the link below:
“Adam was brilliant! He boarded, fitted a 2-section ladder, new mdf hatch door, shelving, and a batten LED light. Despite it being 28°C he finished it all in a day on time. At the point of quoting, Adam provided great recommendations that suited us a lot better than our original ideas, which also saved us some money. I would definitely recommend Adam”

“Adam was brilliant throughout. Really fair quote, courteous, tidy and we’re really happy with the end result”
“The entire job was outstanding and Adam did the job quickly and efficiently”
Click here to read more of Adam’s Checkatrade Reviews

How does More Than Loft Ladders stand out from the crowd when it comes to storage solutions?
I would say we actually care about the jobs and our customers. It’s not all about the money seeing the relief on customers face when you explain a different approach to carrying out the work to actually save them money.

What are some of the common challenges that homeowners face when they want to make the most of their lofts, and how do you help them out?
Some customers literally need more space and not always sure how to go about it. I explain how easy it is to access the loft once I’ve completed the work. Explain the process carried out to achieve the fantastic new place to store all you belongings.

Safety first! How do you make sure that the storage spaces you create in lofts are both secure and easy to access?
If the correct materials and the correct methods are used it will always be safe. With 12 years of experience under my belt I’ve seen various problems. Fitted thousands of Ladders. Nothing catches me out anymore.

If someone’s on the fence about utilising their loft for storage, what advice would you give them to get them excited about it?
Any clutter in the house, releasing your already bursting garage, wardrobes full & under every bed can be stored into an easily accessible loft . It’s as simple as that going into a loft is no longer a choir once More Than Loft Ladders has been

Keeping up with the trends! How do you stay in the loop with the latest loft storage innovations and advancements?
Over various platforms in social media. Being in the industry helps as well. Any updates or changes in legislation that come into place we’re the first to investigate and find a way to work with them.

Are there any particular types of homes or loft layouts that are a perfect fit for your storage solutions?
Our storage solutions are very versatile they work in almost every situation.

Customer satisfaction is key! How do you make sure your solutions meet the specific storage needs of homeowners while keeping them happy?
Thats easy! Listen to exactly what a customer wants. Explain how were going to carry out the job.

Find out more, see Adam’s details –

Franchisee Spotlight, Our Franchisee Adam Shepherd from Cheshire

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