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Community Unity: More Than Loft Ladders Pitches In with DIY SOS Big Build for Treetops Hospice

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Community Unity: More Than Loft Ladders Pitches In with DIY SOS Big Build for Treetops Hospice

In the heart of our community lies Treetops Hospice, a cherished refuge for children facing the loss of loved ones and their families. Recently, More Than Loft Ladders, deeply rooted in the local area, seized the opportunity to make a difference by contributing man hours to the DIY SOS Big Build for Treetops Hospice. Let’s explore the heartwarming story of how this local business, known for its commitment to community causes, lent its skilled workforce to support a vital charity at the core of our community.

The Local connection – More Than Loft Ladders, with its headquarters firmly grounded in the community, has a longstanding commitment to local causes. Treetops Hospice, a vital part of this community, holds a special place in the hearts of the team at More Than Loft Ladders. The decision to participate in the DIY SOS Big Build for Treetops Hospice was a testament to the business’s dedication to community well-being.

While More Than Loft Ladders is renowned for its expertise in loft access and storage, their contribution to the DIY SOS project was centred around providing skilled labour. The team collaborated closely with DIY SOS, offering their expertise to execute the construction aspects of the project in alignment with the specific needs of Treetops Hospice.

The culmination of More Than Loft Ladders’ efforts, combined with the collaborative work of DIY SOS, has transformed Treetops Hospice into a more functional and welcoming space. The new building offers a conducive environment for children and families to find solace, support, and a sense of community during challenging times.

Liam and Kelly, the driving forces behind More Than Loft Ladders, expressed their pride in being able to contribute to a cause close to the community’s heart. “Our role in the DIY SOS Big Build was about giving back in a way that aligns with our skills. Seeing the positive impact on Treetops Hospice is incredibly fulfilling. It’s a reflection of the community spirit we hold dear.”

More Than Loft Ladders’ labour-intensive involvement in the DIY SOS Big Build for Treetops Hospice showcases the power of local businesses collaborating for a greater cause. By providing skilled labour, More Than Loft Ladders has played a crucial role in uplifting the physical spaces within Treetops Hospice, contributing to the well-being of the community it serves. This inspiring collaboration underscores the impact that can be achieved when businesses come together to lend a helping hand, showcasing the strength and compassion embedded in our local community.

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