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Are you curious about becoming a franchise owner with us but have a lot of questions? No worries, we’ve put together some Frequently Asked Questions below to help you out.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We are the UK’s longest running franchise in our sector and with a franchisee of over 10 years now heading the company we really do know what makes this work for our franchise partners. Head office still run their own franchise as a vehicle to test and verify new initiatives so you are not exposed to the risk of making costly mistakes.


£19,995 + VAT, you won’t pay any royalties until you have taken £20,000. After that you will pay 9% of your revenue, decreasing to 6% when you reach set targets.

  • Exclusive territory containing at least 150,000 qualified homes.
  • We pay your basic accountancy fees in order to produce your annual accounts.
  • We cover your liability insurance for the first 12 months.
  • We handle all incoming leads leaving you to concentrate on your work, giving you control of when you can speak to your customers to arrange appointments.
  • Android Tablet to enable you to work on the go.
  • Access to our custom built CRM system.
  • £3000 worth of marketing to get you going.
  • 8 day residential training course covering all practical and administrative aspect of the role.
  • +2 days further training when you are back in your territory.
  • Quarterly Franchise Development days to help you grow a more profitable business.
  • Preferential rates with suppliers BUT unlike other franchises you are not tied to who you buy from.
  • Theres loads more, just book a discovery call to find out more.

Almost every home in the UK needs more storage, just look at the growth of large storage warehouses. But what many people forget is the unused space in their own homes, and that’s the need that More Than Loft Ladders can satisfy. Every house type is a potential customer – new homes with little or no storage space, smaller homes that people downsize to, families with new children outgrowing the spare bedroom, older people who need safe access to their loft or the growing number of home workers who need additional storage space to store in so they can create a home office.

There’s no easy way for us to identify the perfect franchise partner – it all comes from you! If you’re self-driven, want to be your own boss and be supported by a successful brand, then More Than Loft Ladders is the business for you.

At MTLL we like to give you space to be yourself, but you are not alone, we are always available to assist with technical advice or to help with your admin. Right from the start you will receive comprehensive training on our systems, sales, marketing and practical skills. We hold a Franchise Development Day every 3 months in conjunction with a business coach so that we can work on your business together. Visit our training page for further details.

Yes, you can. We prefer you to start with one and grow into additional territories but we are not all the same when we start so we are happy to consider multiple areas on startup.

Our agreements are for 5 years, this is the perfect time period for you to assess your options when the time comes to renew your agreement, a lot can happen for you in just 5 years so we are not fans of 10 year deals. We also offer the safety net of a break clause after your first 12 months. We are sure that you’ll be happy, this is just here for your peace of mind in what is a very nervy time as you begin your business adventure.

Absolutely yes, in fact if and when the time comes we will help you get the most for your business through our resale process.

While experience can be beneficial, MTLL provide comprehensive training and support, enabling individuals with various backgrounds to succeed as franchise partner.

Factors include following the MTLL system, dedication to customer service, effective marketing, financial management, and ongoing learning and adaptation.

  • Respect – Our People – Our Customers – Our Environment
  • Innovate – Adapt and transform, never standstill. Pursue growth through learning.
  • Empowerment – Support and trust our people to get the job done.
  • Teamwork – Communicate and collaborate to succeed. Build a positive team and family spirit.
  • Be Happy & Hardworking – Create fun and a little weakness.
  • Integrity – Trust, transparency and honesty, always. No excuses.
  • Deliver WOW through service – Be passionate and determined.

Think you have what it takes?

Follow Larry’s 6 steps to become a MTLL franchise partner!

If you’re self-driven, want to be your own boss and be supported by a successful brand,
then More Than Loft Ladders is the business for you.

1. Book a Discovery Call

The first step is to book a Discovery Call with us to discuss the franchise area you wish to work within. Alternatively you can email us here.

2. Prospectus delivery

We will then send out a prospectus suited to you with all the information advising what you can earn, how we can support you and so much more!

3. Arrange a meet up

Here at More Than Loft Ladders we want to get to know YOU. After all, that’s the best way we can understand how to support you and your future.

4. The nitty-gritty

Here’s for the boring but exciting bit! We’ll get down to business to discuss all the relevant legal documentations and the financial stuff!

5. The BIG reveal!

The More Than Loft Ladders team will help launch a marketing campaign in your area to make sure everyone knows the new team on the block!

6. Learn the ropes

We will provide you with 8 days of training before you’re on your way, along with 2 days training in your area with Liam Hobbs!

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!


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